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A Word Problem…

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Math was never my best subject in school, but here goes…

Two long-term writing projects plus,
plus, a committment to a smaller writing project – due weekly, plus
plus, twelve hours a day at work, plus
plus, a three-and-a-half hour daily commute, times
the slow-burning dumpster fire that is our country, divided by
anxiety, compounded by
C-PTSD, minus
the capacity to deal with anything, EQUALS
no decent blog post this week.

However, I do have a bit of exciting news: I made a breakthrough with my current work in progress. I loved my characters. I had all of the relationships and interpersonal conflict on lock, but the plot felt weak. The plot felt weak because I had poor world-building. A quick chat a writing coach helped me put a lot of the pieces together or, rather, helped me see where I need to plug in some holes. I highly recommend C.S. Lakin. Her website is here.

But tonight is about Netflix and learning how to knit. One or both of those things should make for an interesting blog post next week!