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Genine Tyson has been a "new writer" for the last ten years. Since obtaining her creative writing degree, she has done nothing with it except get a job, write on weekends, and stew in self-loathing that she wasn't doing more with the degree she got into so much debt for. However, in the last few years, that has changed. Whether it was turning middle-age or watching her country flirt with becoming the backstory of a dystopian young adult novel as she turned middle-age, Genine has decided to "go for it". In 2018 she wrote blog posts for AfroComic Con while starting a series of novellas about magic, the human psyche, and the weaving of the two. To connect, you will find her on Twitter before you'll see her on her infrequently updated blog, but Genine endeavors to change all of that in the weeks to come because she hasn't a single survivalist bone in her body. She may not survive if things go downhill, but she hopes her words will and inspire others to see the fire and magic within themselves to take on whatever comes their way.

It’s Not Chocolate

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How do we perpetuate bullshit? By telling ourselves that the bullshit is the natural order of things instead of the result of choices we, as a species, have made. That way the bullshit will never be changed, we just accept it and deal with it the best way we can. What else are we going to do? This satisfies the beneficiaries of the bullshit just fine, though this doesn’t make them evil. It makes them human, for we all fear the unknown. Continue reading It’s Not Chocolate

True Story

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I flew when I was five. Playing witch, I’d climb onto the dining room table then jump as high and far as I could into a sea of pillows I’d placed on the floor. I was five, but understood enough about physics to know falling meant pain. It only took a few tries for me to touch the popcorn textured ceiling, but I didn’t revel in my power until I’d actually hit my head and the pillow sea had to extend to the living room to catch my fall. I’d cackle as I “flew”, imagining myself flying against the backdrop of a full moon in a night sky.

Imagination is power is one of the first things I learned. So, imagine my surprise when, one day, I jumped and kept going – beyond the dining room and past pillows.  I yanked my stick to the side in a desperate bid to avoid the disaster of crashing into the credenza loaded with my mother’s plants. Shocked when I turned in mid-air, I had no time to process what was happening as I sailed, head on, into the disaster of crashing into the fireplace and toppling my mother’s photos.

It took me a while to move. I banged my head and slammed my elbow pretty hard. But I was five, recovery was quick. When my head cleared I wondered if my bones were okay – and what else was possible.

Cognitive Dissonance

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“Frank! Come on in.” Her smile faltered when he hesitated and Frank suppressed a rush of indignation at the sight of her office. It should be his. Instead, he silently fumed, the Board chose this black chick to be Director of Biochemical Processes; ostensibly, because of her supposed “outstanding education” and “groundbreaking achievements”. But Frank knew the truth: political correctness run amok! She probably learned chemistry in some crack-house somewhere and Stanford tripped over themselves to get her because of affirmative action. When he said as much, his colleague called a racist! Frank told him a racist was just an insult to a white man who wanted a level playing field. It wasn’t fair. Things have gone off the rails since he was a kid. Nothing made sense anymore- except the 9×19 Sig Pro tucked into the back of his pants. Guns made sense where there was none.

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I discovered a piece I wrote earlier this year and surprised myself. It was a flash fiction piece using the prompt “an impulse purchase starts an intergalactic war” and it was pretty funny. I was so delighted I questioned if I even wrote it, but I did, and it was a pretty amazing feeling. I can’t wait to share it with you guys – next week.

Until next time!

A Creature of My Own Making…

Hey guys! Guess what? I’m art!

Full cast

My friend, Mia Feuer, asked if she could slather my naked body in Vaseline then cover me with plaster of Paris. The last person who asked me that was some creepy dude I had a date with. But I said yes to her request because she offered lunch and she is my friend – unlike the creeper.

What proceeded took Netflix and chill in a whole new direction.

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A Word Problem…

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Math was never my best subject in school, but here goes…

Two long-term writing projects plus,
plus, a committment to a smaller writing project – due weekly, plus
plus, twelve hours a day at work, plus
plus, a three-and-a-half hour daily commute, times
the slow-burning dumpster fire that is our country, divided by
anxiety, compounded by
C-PTSD, minus
the capacity to deal with anything, EQUALS
no decent blog post this week.

However, I do have a bit of exciting news: I made a breakthrough with my current work in progress. I loved my characters. I had all of the relationships and interpersonal conflict on lock, but the plot felt weak. The plot felt weak because I had poor world-building. A quick chat a writing coach helped me put a lot of the pieces together or, rather, helped me see where I need to plug in some holes. I highly recommend C.S. Lakin. Her website is here.

But tonight is about Netflix and learning how to knit. One or both of those things should make for an interesting blog post next week!