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Genine Tyson is a writer and aspiring novelist living in The Most Expensive Place on Earth, a.k.a, the Bay Area in California. She's been writing since she was five years old, holds a degree in Creative Writing and English Literature, but is a bloomer with the getting serious about writing thing. A cat lady with no cats (none are allowed in her building), Genine is a humble administrator by day and a slayer of dragons (or a watcher of Netflix, depending on how the writing goes) at night. Her favorite things are love, magic, contemplating the nature of man and the Universe, and wondering what the hell Fox is doing with their programming. (Seriously- WTF?). She often writes about those same subjects (not Fox, though, it's a lost cause) and hopes you enjoy her carefully crafted prose on those things interspersed with the occasional short story. She loves to hear from readers, so comment or drop her a line! You can follow her on Twitter @geninet or her Facebook page.


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I discovered a piece I wrote earlier this year and surprised myself. It was a flash fiction piece using the prompt “an impulse purchase starts an intergalactic war” and it was pretty funny. I was so delighted I questioned if I even wrote it, but I did, and it was a pretty amazing feeling. I can’t wait to share it with you guys – next week.

Until next time!

A Creature of My Own Making…

Hey guys! Guess what? I’m art!

Full cast

My friend, Mia Feuer, asked if she could slather my naked body in Vaseline then cover me with plaster of Paris. The last person who asked me that was some creepy dude I had a date with. But I said yes to her request because she offered lunch and she is my friend – unlike the creeper.

What proceeded took Netflix and chill in a whole new direction.

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A Word Problem…

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Math was never my best subject in school, but here goes…

Two long-term writing projects plus,
plus, a committment to a smaller writing project – due weekly, plus
plus, twelve hours a day at work, plus
plus, a three-and-a-half hour daily commute, times
the slow-burning dumpster fire that is our country, divided by
anxiety, compounded by
C-PTSD, minus
the capacity to deal with anything, EQUALS
no decent blog post this week.

However, I do have a bit of exciting news: I made a breakthrough with my current work in progress. I loved my characters. I had all of the relationships and interpersonal conflict on lock, but the plot felt weak. The plot felt weak because I had poor world-building. A quick chat a writing coach helped me put a lot of the pieces together or, rather, helped me see where I need to plug in some holes. I highly recommend C.S. Lakin. Her website is here.

But tonight is about Netflix and learning how to knit. One or both of those things should make for an interesting blog post next week!

Hello World!

No Idea What I'm doing

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Genine and I’m a lover of all things romantic, lovely, whimsical, and magical. But that doesn’t mean I’m all sweetness and light. In fact, things can get a little dark when you’re a lover of such things because there is a lot of shit in the world covering those things up. There is just a lot of fear, greed, and general ugliness- so much that it can make you want to cut yourself off inside and coast through life on a wave of cynicism and misanthropy. It’s how I coped sometimes. Nothing bad can happen that I didn’t already imagine so I’m prepared. If I’m cynical enough nothing really bad can happen to me, but I realized nothing good can happen to me, either.

That’s where story comes in- for me. I can get lost in my dark thoughts and cynicism and indulge my learned helplessness or I can get lost in a book where the hero or heroine (or both!) struggles with the same but makes different decisions. They see the light at the end of the tunnel, in other people and harness that light to make the world a better place. Over and over I read stories like that and over and over I felt inspired to not give up hope. I felt inspired to think people, for the most part, were decent and that the world isn’t a terrible place. Stories and the writers of them helped me more than I could ever admit.

Stories have helped me laugh or smile when I felt down. Reading stories through the lens of so many different people and perspectives strengthened my empathy- even those with whom I disagree. Stories have helped me shape my spiritual and philosophical landscape. And, at my lowest points, stories have saved my life- literally. I couldn’t let go until I knew how a series ended or how things turn out for a particular character or storyworld and there were many of them. If story is not the most powerful thing in my life, it’s up there.

And I’d like to do the same for others. Someone might read something I write and smile or laugh. Maybe my stories will help someone gain a different perspective. Maybe something I write will make the waiting, whatever the waiting is for, bearable. Maybe someone will become invested in the characters I write or the worlds I create and it makes theirs better.  Or, maybe, someone will think my writing is so horrible that if I’m willing to put my drivel out in their world it will inspire them to put their stuff “out there” because their stuff is a thousand times better than mine.

Whatever works.

For more years than I’m comfortable admitting, my struggles with depression and anxiety have gotten in the way of my writing. Not anymore. I am ready to push through, get out of my comfort zone, and see what’s on the other side. I hope I like it.

And I hope you like it, too. But if you don’t, at least I’ll be modeling the characters I admire.