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Genine Tyson has been a “new writer” for the last ten years. Since obtaining her creative writing degree, she has done nothing with it except get a job, write on weekends, and stew in self-loathing that she wasn’t doing more with the degree she got into so much debt for. However, in the last few years, that has changed. Whether it was turning middle-age or watching her country flirt with becoming the backstory of a dystopian young adult novel as she turned middle-age, Genine has decided to “go for it”. In 2018 she wrote blog posts for AfroComic Con while starting a series of novellas about magic, the human psyche, and the weaving of the two. To connect, you will find her on Twitter before you’ll see her on her infrequently updated blog, but Genine endeavors to change all of that in the weeks to come because she hasn’t a single survivalist bone in her body. She may not survive if things go downhill, but she hopes her words will and inspire others to see the fire and magic within themselves to take on whatever comes their way.