A Creature of My Own Making…

Hey guys! Guess what? I’m art!

Full cast

My friend, Mia Feuer, asked if she could slather my naked body in Vaseline then cover me with plaster of Paris. The last person who asked me that was some creepy dude I had a date with. But I said yes to her request because she offered lunch and she is my friend – unlike the creeper.

What proceeded took Netflix and chill in a whole new direction.

Covered front smile

Mia turned on Netflix and I requested NBC’s The Good Place. That show is hilarious! You have to watch it – except in the above scenario. I was laughing so hard I almost broke the mold!

Side- almost covered

Creeper guy wished he got this close to it.

The whole experience was fun and Mia and her assistants were the best.  I was in a pretty vulnerable position but they rocked at making me feel safe and comfortable.

Worker bees on the front

What’s interesting is that, just as Mia is making something out of my body, I am making something out of my life. I’m busier than I’ve ever been, and more fulfilled, too. Little by little, I’m taking back the energy I’ve given to vampires, perpetual babies, and the willfully ignorant.  I’ve been using this energy to make my own life, make my own way in the world and be a light in it.

My head, face, and hands are not covered in the pictures because Mia is planning to give me a dragon tail, lion paws, and a hippopotamus head – symbols of luck, power, and creativity. I’m not sure if that plan will stick. As a fellow creative, I know what it’s like to get a new inspiration mid-stream and change direction. But whether or not these symbols end up on my body, their essence has certainly entered my mind and I will use them to transform myself into a creature of my own making.

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